Read and acknowledge IQN terms and conditions for a Registered Training Centre.

– You have adequate human resources and training staff available for the delivery of the training.
– You have adequate physical resources and logistics available for the effective delivery of the training.
– You have top management and owners support available for quality training.
– As a registered centre of IQN, your organisation will not undertake any activity or advertising that could bring the name of IQN into disrepute.
– As a registered centre of IQN, your organisation will be responsible for obtaining and maintaining all licences, authorities, approvals, applications or permissions required in your country. IQN will not be responsible for any illegal premises or whatsoever implemented in the location to conduct training.
– As a registered centre of IQN, your organisation’s advertising and marketing will comply with all applicable codes and regulations of your country and/state and shall not engage in any marketing practices that could be misleading to candidates and stakeholders.
– IQN shall not have any liability for indirect or consequential loss suffered by the registered centre arising out of delivery of IQN qualifications.
– Approval of a registered centre is subject to review any time. If IQN has reasonable grounds to believe that there has been malpractice and unfair conduct, IQN has the right to cancel the registered centre’s approval without any liability to the registered centre.
– If this application qualifies for registration of centre, the person filling this application will be authorised to act as the registered centre’s contact for IQN.
– You agree to allow IQN and SQA staff unconditional access to information of your organisation.
– You agree to provide true, accurate, and complete information on this form. You agree to notify IQN immediately of any changes in this application by sending email.
– You grant IQN non-exclusive rights worldwide to use, copy, distribute, publish, and process the information and content that has been provided in this application without any further consent, notice and/or compensation to you or others.

Yes, I agree with the above conditions and ready to abide by