To explore the full potential of the discipline. To test limits – of tech, of current thinking. To gain a deep understanding of what’s possible today and tomorrow. Becoming a Master means becoming a fluent player of the game, yet also stepping up to lead. To take the game to a new place, to feed into the bigger conversation and drive the culture forward. To do important work that may speak to millions.
This program is designed for:

• Experienced marketeers and business leaders who are ready to rise up and take their place among the industry’s top digital people;
• Experts who want to become expert’s experts. Who want to become true authorities in their field;
• Experts who want to become expert’s experts. Who want to become true authorities in their field;
• Top players who have a genuine passion for the extraordinary, unprecedented capabilities and reach of digital marketing. Who realize that here is the true edge of new, and it’s an incredible place to be.

Entry Requirement

• A Bachelor degree in business or marketing plus at least one year in digital marketing OR a Bachelor degree in any discipline plus at least two years’ marketing experience.
• Of course, this is digital. Some people blaze their own trails. If you don’t meet the normal requirements, you may still get accepted if you can show at least four years’ work in digital marketing and a great track record of responsibility.

Module 1 – Marketing 4.0
Module 2 – Social Media Marketing
Module 3 – Digital Marketing Strategy
Module 4 – Google Advertising Tools
Module 5 – Facebook Marketing
Module 6 – Twitter Marketing
Module 7 – Linkedin for Business
Module 8 – Email Marketing
Module 9- Mobile Marketing

Learning Outcomes
• Gives you the skills you need to speak loud and clear to the right audiences
• Tells the world what you know and what you can do
• Means you travel well between different opportunities and countries.
• Gives you powers you may not yet even understand, yet whose awesome potential will reveal itself in new and startling ways throughout your career

a) Assessment Instruments Work – Based Reports
Selected units will contain one work-based report with word limitations of usually between 3,500 – 4,000 words. Each unit document will outline the specific word limit.
b) Articles / Assignments
Written assignments are designed to allow students to demonstrate understanding of the unit, which students must then apply to an issue concerned with that particular subject area in their own organisation, or one with which they are familiar. Students are either required to identify a process, task or problem which they must describe, analyse and discuss. The assignments provide a regular assessment process, which tests the following:
(b)Critical analysis
(c)Planning skills
(d)Organising ability
(e)Report writing skills
Students are requested to adhere to precise written instructions laid out in the Unit document to produce an academic article/essay on a selected area conforming to standards expected of good academic writing.
c) Case Studies
Selected case studies may be incorporated into the assessment of units.

d) Simulation
Often students will be assessed via scenario and simulation types of tasks related to the intended learning outcomes.