When you achieve your Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (“PGDBA”) Level 7 with LQB, you can apply to continue your studies to obtain a MBA in Strategy top-up through a collaborative arrangement with the European International University, France.   

The PGDBA has been accredited with 120 credits and and learners will need 60 credit Thesis Project with European International University, France.

The top-up MBA will help you to develop a strategic, integrated and holistic perspective of organizations

Course Outcomes

This internationally respected degree has been designed to reflect the evolving nature of business and the global challenges facing business leaders. It focuses on developing strategic analytical skills, business intuition, and enquiring and adaptive thinking

Learners will develop the analytical and research skills needed to make logical arguments and creative contributions to improve business and management practice. The MBA is structured to provide a strategic perspective on business and management

The Thesis Project of the European International University, France

At the end of the thesis project you should be able to:

  • Critically evaluate research approaches and methods in the context of business and management
  • Critically evaluate the rigor and validity of published research and identify areas for further investigation
  • Marshal relevant data, apply appropriate data-analysis techniques and present your findings in a clear and professional manner
  • Plan and design a strategic business project in any business area

The thesis project is the cornerstone of the Masters degree. It challenges you to integrate your learning from the earlier stages of your learning into a rigorous research project to help you better understand a key business issue

It is designed to develop your research skills plus knowledge and confidence in designing, developing, compiling and delivering strategic business projects. Working with an identified host organization, you will investigate and produce recommendations in a practical business environment

Your supervisor will guide and instruct you in qualitative and quantitative research methods and the wider skills necessary to conduct a business project.  The supervisor will also help in selecting an appropriate topic for the strategic project

You are required to select a research topic that is of interest to you, that capitalizes on your skills and knowledge and will add value to the organization on which the project is based


Assessment for the Thesis Project is the submission of a work based project of between 10,000 and 15,000 words

Entry Requirement

Subject to EIU approval for entry

Notional Hours

The top-up MBA with the European International University, France accrues 60 credits for the Thesis Project and equates to 600 notional hours in total.

Guide to Learning Time

The top-up MBA with EIU can be completed in 6 to 12 months.