When you achieve your Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Leadership and Management Level 7 with LQB, you can apply to continue your studies to obtain a Master of Education top-up through a collaborative arrangement with the European Global School, France.   

The PGDELM has been accredited with 120 credits and and learners will need 60 credit Thesis Project with the European Global School, France.

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) program provides training in subjects related to educational institutions key operations and policies management. The interdisciplinary curriculum emphasizes pedagogy, curriculum design, behavior management, business improvement and development for educational institutions.


The rapidly changing education environment prompts the need for dynamic and well-informed educational leaders who are innovative and committed to the continual improvement of schools. Educational leaders need to have a deep and up-to-date understanding of current trends in curriculum, assessment and instruction and a future-focused perspective.

The focus is on theoretical understandings and practical skills that meet the needs of leaders in the complex educational landscape.  It offers an opportunity for in-depth examination of current thinking, theories, models, issues and practices that contribute to the transformation of educational institutions.

Students can pursue careers in secondary, higher education, international education associations, accreditation agencies, international development or human service agencies, non-governmental organizations and cultural exchange programs.

Program Learning Outcomes

This MEd is designed to help you meet the challenges facing management in the global and digital educational environment. It will develop your critical and strategic thinking and equip you with the necessary tools for solving problems.

On completion of this program, learners should be able to:

  • Apply leadership and management principles towards being a transformative leader
  • Develop the skills of critical reflection to improve his or her professional practice
  • Motivate, coach and mentor staff to meet the needs of the changing educational environment with limited resources
  • Exhibit personal characteristics that contribute to change, innovation and the improvement of schools
  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of current thinking in pedagogy, curriculum, assessment and technology


Assessment for the Thesis Project is the submission of a work-based project of between 10,000 and 15,000 words

Entry Requirement

Subject to EGS approval for entry

Notional Hours

The top-up MEd with the European Global School, France accrues 60 credits for the Thesis Project and equates to 600 notional hours in total.

Guide to Learning Time

The top-up MEd with EGS can be completed in 6 to 12 months.