The program gives you the perfect platform to delve deep into the human mind and discover what makes people tick. A broad foundation in the study of human behavior and mental processes will see you learn more about how individuals think, communicate and interact with one another.

With a strong focus on people, your curriculum will prepare you for a rewarding career in the social service and special needs education sectors, where psychology concepts are applied to better the lives of many.

Flexibility to select electives in your areas of personal interest will also ensure your core skillset is well supplemented when you enter the workforce.



The Science of Psychology
The Nervous System
Sensory Processes
Infancy and Childhood
Adolescence and Adulthood
Language and Thought

Abnormal Psychology
Attitudes, Attributions, and Social Cognition
Interpersonal Relations and Group Processes
Health Psychology
Organizational Psychology
Forensic Psychology


Overall Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module, learners will be able to:

synthesize and critique psychological theory and contemporary knowledge
apply psychological concepts to complex personal, social, and societal issues
formulate research questions and design psychological research studies
apply qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methodology techniques to analyze psychological data
produce reports and other materials in formats suitable for a variety of audiences and purposes
reflect critically on the ethical issues, legislative requirements, and evidence-based approaches underpinning psychological research and select areas of professional practice.

Course Structure

Executive Diplomas are professional diplomas delivered in a manner that gives you the flexibility to learn at a time and place that suits your personal and work life. You can embark immediately on an Executive Diploma knowing you can fit it into your schedule.



There are 50 Multiple Choice Questions (“MCQ”) for each module. If you start an MCQ session, please remember that it will time-out after 1.5 hours. You have three attempts at the MCQ to achieve a pass mark, which is set at 50%. This course has been endorsed under the ATHE UK Qualifications Scheme.


Admission Criteria

You should show that you will be able to fulfil and benefit from the objectives of the diploma or certificate and be able to achieve the required standards. Although no prior knowledge is required you should normally be at least 16 years old and have the following:

  • Level 2 (QCF) Certificate; or
  • 4 GCSEs at grade C or above; and/or
  • Relevant work experience.


Delivery Mode

Mode A: Fully Taught mode

Available at selected Approved Learning Centers. For each module we recommend that Approved Learning Centers provide at least 48 hours of face to face lectures and tutorials.


Mode B: Blended Learning mode

Available at selected Approved Learning Centers where classes are held plus learners are given a complete set of learning materials to facilitate independent study which can be accessed through our designated Learning Portal.

We recommend that Approved Learning Centers provide between 24and 36 hours of lectures/tutorials and that you spend at least 12 hours learning online.


Mode C: Fully Online mode

Learners are given a complete set of learning materials to facilitate independent study which can be accessed through our designated Learning Portal. For each module we recommend at least 72 hours of online learning.



For the Blended and Fully Taught modes please Contact Us for an Approved Learning Centre near you. Please note we are constantly adding Approved Centers.


Student Learning Time

Executive Diploma should be completed in 6 months.