Become an Approved Centre

London Qualifications Board (LQB) offers its qualifications through numerous delivery centers globally. To be able to deliver our qualifications you will need to become an approved center. If you are a College, Institution, Independent Training Provider and you would like to become our approve learning center, here below is the process to become our approved Qualifications center.

Stage 1

    Stage 2

    Our team will contact you to provide you with your Centre Approval Application and request questions concerning with your application.

    Stage 3

    Complete the Centre Approval application form and submit with supporting documents.

    Stage 4

    We will review your application and contact you to request additional information to complement your application or arrange an approval visit. If an approval visit is not practical, you may be pending for inspection, but it will happen when the first learner registrations take place. We will confirm the outcome of review of your application within 1 week. The outcome may be, approval granted; conditional approval subject to an action plan or approval denied with reasons given.

    Approval granted

    We will send you our Centre Agreement to be signed by an authorized person from your organization once approval is granted. We will send formal confirmation and your Approved Centre Certificate on receipt of the signed Centre Agreement.