London Qualifications Board (LQB)

is a unique learning provider registered with the UK (Registration Number 12418145). London Qualifications Board is located in Hoxton, London, United Kingdom and there are offices in Asia Region.

London Qualifications Board (LQB) is established to provide affordable study programs with highly competitive fee by exclusive online modules for learners to internationally recognized University qualifications. We work collaboratively with our partner universities, institutions and partners to provide great values for learners. London Qualifications Board (LQB) is a primarily distance learning service provider but we have approved learning centers such as college or institution all over the world to offer support for student such as face to face classroom and additional tutoring.

London Qualifications Board (LQB) can give you the support you need to successfully complete recognized qualifications with years of experience in providing high-quality qualifications. LQB qualifications are suited for professionals, students, or anyone with an interest in our specialist areas. You can set your own flexible study through our approved learning centers and registered centers located worldwide.

Move forward in your career and in your life with an online undergraduate or graduate business degree or certificate from London Qualifications Board (LQB). Our business programs are designed to deliver highly applied, career-focused business education to our students, so that they can prepare for leadership roles in complex business environments and make decisions using data-driven approaches.

Why London Qualifications Board (LQB)?



Competitive Fee

Global recognition

Quality Assurance

Our Guiding Principles

Be Respectful: We are open to other opinions and emotions, treat each other with respect and care for everyone in our community

Act with Integrity: Be honest, transparent, trustworthy and fair

Be Accountable: Take responsibility for your decisions and interactions

Strive for Excellence: We strive for excellence in all our actions and interactions

Promote Diversity: We embrace our diversity to promote opportunities for growth, learning and innovation

Work Collaboratively: We foster trust, build strong relationships and work together to achieve the best outcomes

Encourage Experimentation: We act with courage, recognizing it’s okay to speak out and take risks to innovate and grow